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K11 Concept
K11 is the world’s first brand to pioneer the concept of Museum Retail, interweaving the three elements of Art, People and Nature. Permeated with artworks and happenings, we endow everyday life with art appreciation. Prominent cultural elements are integrated to revitalize the humanistic experience, cultivating a unique dynamic habitat of K11. All is enlivened by the lush natural landscape pervading throughout the space, inviting guests to an urban oasis found in nowhere else.
Simplicity, Atelier’s interior designer, is a world renowned Japanese design studio with prominent portfolio including Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. Dedicated to rework traditional Japanese crafts for modern time, every handwork it encompasses is painstakingly conceived and crafted by its artisans. Simplicity’s sensibility is expressed through every detail of Atelier, creating a space that exudes thoughtful depth, where bona fide craftsmanship sprouts.

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