K11 ATELIER is the first office building to introduce the Vertical Creative City concept, transforming the design, purpose and culture of workplaces. Conceptualised by Professor David Yencken in 1988, the original "Creative City" is concerned with the material well-being of all its citizens, while also aiming to cultivate their creative potentials through infrastructure both tangible and intangible.

It is the natural continuation of K11's brand vision - created by founder Adrian Cheng - to combine art, people and nature in every touchpoint.

K11 ATELIER envisions such concept in a network of Grade A office buildings, setting a new benchmark for the next-generation workforce that values creative and a balanced work-life integration.

Designed To Inspire

Every aspect of K11 ATELIER is desisgned to reinvent the ordinary office environment. From locations, architecture and amenities, to software and culture, K11 ATELIER lets enterprises, entrepreneurs, creative and disruptors work in an environment they love, in which they can connect and collide productively.

We imagine a workplace and a community where those across disciplines can break free, innovate organically and be inspired.

Beyond Four Walls

In the K11 ATELIER blueprint, our "neighbourhood" tends to workers' physical, emotional and psychological needs, allowing the next-generation workforce the space to live out their ideas and passion. It starts with the curation of space and the detailed design of it.

Community Space

Community Space

Imagine having to spend hours in back-to-back meetings or crunch numbers before your deadline. What if you could do so without feeling drained, but rather driven throughout? The Vertical Creative City concept at K11 ATELIER means there are built-in social areas or flexible open-plan spaces, curated with art and design objects, for the like-minded to work in. Part of the K11 ATELIER ecosystem also includes a dynamic co-working space, buzzing with an engaging work vibe. Conversations here become your motivation, not distraction.

An office building with cultural programmes for workers, their families and friends – doesn’t that sound nice?
K11 ATELIER ACADEMY is an open learning, business networking and social platform, with a mixed curriculum of lectures, panel discussions, workshops, on-site wellness classes and even fun happenings for our selected K11 ATELIER tenants and those around them. Powered by K11 ATELIER, the K11 ATELIER ACADEMY welcomes any office tenants who are keen of out-of-the-box thinking, and develop the next big idea with the K11 ATELIER community. This is a manifestation of the seamless work-life integration.



Picture a gentle flood of sunlight shining through oversized windows, warming your desk which overlooks the cityscape - all set in an interior made of natural materials.

To some it is prestige, but to K11 ATELIER it is a prerequisite.

A well-designed office building with great architecture casts a positive impact on your productivity and mental health; it sends an enchanting work vibe across the floor and throughout the building. K11 ATELIER makes sure of that by working with some of the most renowned architects and designers who are designing for today and tomorrow's workforce.

Invaluable Intangibles

Within the glistening façade of K11 ATELIER is an in-house curation team that puts together a year-round, eclectic mix of programmes that continue to excite the next-generation workforce. These offerings form the basis for the next inspiring idea, which is the product of the fresh mind.

Our Culture

It is clear – the future work culture is one that favours collaborations. K11 ATELIER develops the collaborative mindset of the next-generation workforce by allowing them a platform to connect, and a global network to collaborate. These are further supplemented with curated happenings that endlessly inspire.

Gathering Talent

A workplace with the right culture, infrastructure and happenings creates a sense of camaraderie for individuals to meaningfully contribute to, and make a difference with their work. K11 ATELIER’s complete ecosystem pulls together and retains talent, encouraging disruptive thinking.

This is the next office culture.


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