Danny Yeung

Chief Executive Officer
Prenetics Group Limited

Danny Yeung

Prenetics Group Limited

Prenetics, founded in 2014, is a leading biotech company striving to decentralise healthcare through comprehensive genetics and diagnostics testing. The insight gained from this advanced testing capability aids in disease prevention, diagnostics and personalised healthcare, enabling people to proactively make informed choices in leading healthier lives.

Prenetics are industry-disruptors, shaking the biotech world by unlocking coded secrets about individual genetics and introducing compact take-home versions of laboratory tests to keep the public better informed about their health condition during current vulnerable times. The same innovative, industry-disruptor and leadership spirit is encapsulated in K11 ATELIER. The K11 ATELIER’s unique and cutting-edge building design is an innovative and living art piece of its own. The roof is dressed with lush greenery and even down to the office building’s scent is deliberately fashioned. Every corner is aesthetically pleasing and functional. This surrounding offers a sanctuary for an open collaborative culture, undoubted freedom to voice impactful ideas and countless memorable stories with comrades whether it may be the sunset of a tiresome day at work or a team celebration over drinks.

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