Derek Lee&Wing Shum

Senior Interior Designer
AB Concept

Derek Lee&Wing Shum

AB Concept

Founded in 1999, AB Concept is a design studio devoted to superior designs that act as a conduit for heightening human experiences within a given space. Its human-centric designs can be admired both in commercial and residential interiors over the past 20 plus years in the industry.

Derek Lee, Senior Interior Designer, AB Concept

At the heart of AB Concept is the appreciation for how well-crafted designs possess the power to emote and move people, connect them and enhance their quality of life. K11 ATELIER resonates those same religious design values, making it the ideal office space for the next-generation workforce to live out their bold ideas and burning passions. When it comes to the next-generation workplace, a purposeful surrounding that drives engagement is what differentiates the great from the greatest. The founders of K11 ATELIER have masterminded an office space that encourages workers to immerse themselves, to be present, in a spellbinding environment while creating touch-points and promoting constructive dialogue for desirable collaborations. From the conference room with the unparalleled Victoria Harbour view where ideas collide, to the humble ground-floor coffee shop for self-reflection - K11 ATELIER is the office where employees want to be in. This constant interaction of ideas reminds workers to not settle into the mundane, but aspire to challenge the status quo and venture.

Wing Shum, Senior Interior Designer, AB Concept

Design teaches people to view the world from another perspective through a crafted lens. At AB Concept studio, this lens is the combination of science and art. Much like what one finds at K11 ATELIER, the architecture and interior is meticulously pieced together to exaggerate the sensory and emotional impact. It is through these spatial sensations workers are freed with the capacity to innovate - breathing a soul into the office environment.

As a K11 ATELIER habitant, there is flexibility for unrestricted opportunities to explore individual ideas as well as experiencing the collectivism of a team whenever needed. There are spaces to accommodate different office demands. Visits to the Dali Bronze Bar have grown into a corporate practice for team meetings, company social events and at the end of a long day, a place for colleagues to trade a sense of satisfaction and recognition for all their relentless hard work.

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