Nadia Ng


Nadia Ng


Perrotin is an art gallery founded in 1990 by Emmanuel Perrotin. It is located in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Perrotin opened its gallery in Hong Kong in 2012, then relocated across the harbour into K11 ATELIER Victoria Dockside.

Art that was once solely for the eyes of those who can afford it can now be admired and perhaps understood by a much wider audience thanks to K11 ATELIER countering conventions and hybridising art with business. Perrotin finding a home at K11 ATELIER is the natural demonstration of how art is omnipresent in the contemporary work environment. The atrium is filled by a tall and wide generous space. The architecture of the building forms a frame that carefully embraces the harbour view of Wanchai ferry pier and its surrounding, refreshing the moving mind while passing through it at the beginning or end of a workday.

K11 ATELIER’s concept in unifying culture and commerce through cross-industry collaboration and allowing diverse ideas across disciplines and genres branching into new vantage points is the precise practice the gallery deem a necessity in navigating the coming uncertain decades. Whether the next-generation workplace takes form in advanced technology such as artificial intelligence or a change in office behaviour where full attendance is no longer the norm due to Covid-19 - this paradigm shift is one K11 ATELIER confidently anticipates.

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