Osmond Chan

Chief Financial Officer
Flow Capital

Osmond Chan

Flow Capital

Flow Capital is a family office established in 2020. It is an Asia-focused asset management platform that manages multiple asset classes including fixed-income and private equity.

Flow Capital pride themselves as the next-generation workforce; young, energetic and persistently striving for new and intriguing ways of working through the mashup of disruptive ideas. To incubate the next-generation workforce, people-oriented design integrated with game-changing technology and a mindset for sustainability is imperative. K11 ATELIER epitomises these vital concepts and expresses it through perfect craftsmanship. From skyhigh floor-to-ceiling windows flooding the office space with natural light, to the rooftop sky garden greenery unburdening a hectic day - K11 ATELIER cherishes how architecture can nurture healthful physical and mental well-being. A personal favourite spot is the HKACC art space, a rare find in the midst of an office building; it reinvents the meaning of ordinary commercial buildings. Better yet is the team spirit and culture thriving in this rich office environment, transforming it into a meaningful exchange of ideas and communities that renders it a challenge not to feel inspired.

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