Taisy Liu

General Manager
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Taisy Liu

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Mizuho Bank is a leading global bank with its roots dating as far back as 1873. Mizuho chose K11 ATELIER to be their regional office to strengthen its foothold in Asia and continue to serve their predominantly Japanese customer base as well as expanding its global presence.

K11 ATELIER, situated at the centre of the new art and design district in Victoria Harbour, does not merely present a new outlook over Hong Kong’s distinctive silhouette, it also sculpts a strategic ecosystem for the commerce-savvy. Its favourable location offers intuitive access to a network of opportunities with high calibre partners as neighbours, sharing of cross-industry know-hows and paves the way for business alliances. The office feels contemporary and boundless, reflecting limitless innovation and the creative culture that coincides with the bank’s aspirations. The interior acts like an urban living room, inviting social engagement and communal collaborations while encouraging visitors to adopt a “why-not-attitude” without undermining their professionalism or productivity.  

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